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Ayura Herbal Man Juice






Supporing their bodies is important also for men. The Ayurveda's thousands of years old wisdom shows us that we have to differentiate between person and person. The male body needs a different kind of nutrients than the female's. The male body's targeted support is especially important if we face the face that we didn't pay enough attention to our health, nutrition and harmony. The Ayura Herbal Men drink is made specifically for men and it helps balancing out the defects in our diet and it takes care of our organism.



Consumption of the Ayura Herbal Man juice is recommended

- for every Man regardless of age
- for those who accept that male problems,like prostatic-, urinary- or sexual problems can happen to anybody - even You
- for those who accept that the human organism needs protection
- for those who want to stay a Man for long




Anyone may apply the herbal elixir even on a continuous basis. Children may consume it from the age of 3. For best effect drink it on an empty stomach with a large amount of liquid; in the case of inflammatory intestinal diseases, take it after eating.
The starting daily dose is 30 ml, which can be gradually increased up to 90 ml, divided to 1 - 3 times a day.
Keep refrigerated after opening and shake it before use!

Construction number and date (day/month/year) : on the neck of the bottle
Place of origin: Thailand
Distributed by Ayura Herbal Kft.
Packaging : a bottle contains net 500 ml drink

This product does not replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, and is not suitable as a replacement of medical treatment or healing.
In the case of an existing known illness, consult your doctor before use.
For safety reasons keep out of the reach of children!