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Let’s share success!

We reward your purchases. Take part in our partner programme where, in addition to the opportunity of preserving your health we offer you a chance for financial development. Profit from it!



Steps on the way of Success!

  • Recommender’s bonus
  • Leader’s commission
  • Binary bonus
  • Security payment
  • Beyond activity bonus
  • Pension fund

Recommender’s bonus

After the first purchase of each newly registered partner, payment based on the direct tree structure (1st purchase)

Leader’s commission

Awarded to the leader after each active member (2nd purchase)

Binary bonus

Payment based on the turnover of the weaker downline (2nd purchase)

Security payment

If the amount of the security commission is higher than that of the binary bonus, the security commission will be paid

Beyond activity bonus

The score value of every purchase beyond activity is divided by the Company at 5 levels

Pension fund

Awarded to the leader after 3 months of continuous activity

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Ayura success step by step

If you want to be a member and distributor of the Ayura Herbal Club, buy a starter package / business entry in a value of at least 21 score value


Learn the business plan perfectly! Invite candidates to the information lecture and find the 4 Leaders who will be committed toward Ayura! Teach them about the beneficial effects of the products and of the business opportunities! Motivate your team so that the goal should not stay merely a dream!



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