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Fegyelmi Szabályzat

1. General provisions

In the case of a disciplinary offence, Ayura Herbal Kft. exercises its disciplinary powers against the Partner.

The disciplinary investigation is initiated either by Ayura Herbal Kft. itself or at the request of another Partner lodging a written complaint with Ayura Herbal Kft.

The persons administering the disciplinary action shall keep the information disclosed to them confidential.

Disciplinary responsibility shall be judged in compliance with the legislation in force at the time of committing the act as well as according to the internal regulations and contracts of Ayura Herbal Kft. If the provisions in force at the time of the judgement are more lenient, the latter shall be applicable.

The Partner under disciplinary proceedings or their representative has the right to access the documents at any stage of the proceedings.

Disciplinary actions shall be performed in writing, without a trial.

2. Entities holding disciplinary powers

The disciplinary powers shall be exercised by a 3-member Disciplinary Committee appointed by Ayura Herbal Kft.

Ayura Herbal Kft. shall appoint the members of the Disciplinary committee from its own employees.

The following persons may not be members of the Disciplinary Committee:

  •          a) persons against whom there are ongoing disciplinary or criminal proceedings, until the final completion thereof;
  •          b) persons who are family members of the Partner under the disciplinary proceedings;
  •          f) persons who are expected to be biased in the case for some other reason.

Members of the Disciplinary Committee shall immediately report the grounds for exclusion to Ayura Herbal Kft.

If Ayura Herbal Kft. endorses the bias object, they appoint a new member.

3. Disciplinary proceedings

Ayura Herbal Kft. forwards the complaint against the Partner to the Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee forwards the complaint to the Partner under disciplinary action noting that Partner may comment on the contents of the complaint in writing within 15 days.

If the Partner under disciplinary action fails to make a comment to the complaint received within the deadline, the Disciplinary Committee makes a decision on the basis of the documents available.

In order to fully investigate into the state of affairs the Disciplinary Committee may order further statements, the procurement of further evidence or oral interrogations.

The Disciplinary Committee makes its decision based on the documents available.

  1.  Disciplinary penalties

The following penalties may be imposed against the Partner committing a disciplinary offence:

  •          a) a warning
  •          b) the termination of the Partner agreement.


5. Disciplinary decisions

The Disciplinary Committee makes its decision based on the comparison of the documents available and the evidence. It makes its decision at a closed session, without bias, after free consideration of the evidence, with a simple majority vote.

In its decision, the disciplinary committee:

  •          a) terminates the proceedings,
  •          b) imposes a disciplinary penalty.

The decision comprises an operational part and a justification.

The operational part shall include:

  •          a) the personal data of the Partner under disciplinary proceedings,
  •          b) the Disciplinary Committee’s decision declaring the Partner under the disciplinary proceedings as guilty or terminating the proceedings launched,
  •          c) the imposed penalty./li>

The justification part of the decision shall include:

  •          a) the state of affairs and the evidence,
  •          b) the legislative or regulatory provisions serving as the basis of the decision.

The disciplinary decision shall be sent out to the Partner under disciplinary proceedings within 30 days.