Health – Freedom – A Happier Life!


1 Introduction

As the exclusive distributor of the products distributed by Ayura Herbal Kft. we aim, beyond the preservation and improvement of health, to offer a career building opportunity to our cooperating partners. 

From the health point of view we offer high-quality naturally based products in order to support a healthy lifestyle. In recent years one has had to realise that a correct diet is insufficient for a healthy life. The media are full of numberless harmful and carcinogenic chemicals also included in the food products you eat: artificial colouring, preservatives, additives and an abundance of E-numbers and other chemicals. The regular consumption of these substances alien to the body is significantly harmful to your body. Not to mention that the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables is by far not as high as it once used to be. The bananas and oranges available in the hypermarkets are no longer ripened in the sun; it is during the transportation that they ‘ripen’ to be consumable thanks to chemical intervention. 

If you think of the fact that the chicken and swine you consume daily are treated with growth and weight gain stimulants and these get into your body through eating and get stored there, you can realise that you consume numerous harmful substances day by day. There are no perfect foods or ingredients. The quality of nutrition is thus very important. Supplementing your diet has become a daily necessity in order to keep your health in balance. You have an abundance of various supplements available both on the Internet and in stores, advertised with catchy slogans. 

In Ayura Herbal Kft.’s Partner Program network we distribute our products for our partners’ personal use with the aim to give our Partners the opportunity to 

- create a better quality life facilitating the improvement and preservation of their own and their families’ health, and

- club members who also participate in building out the network and promoting the products may be financially rewarded, even to the extent of being able to make a living through that. 

Ayura Herbal Kft. does not promise any guaranteed, specific income (irrespective of performance, the kind paid to employees) to its Partners participating in building out the network, since the amount of financial reward depends on individual ambition, aptitude, diligence and the work performed.


Entry conditions: 


Recommendation bonus: 





Lead Director: 

Group Director 

Golden Group Director 

Master Director 


  1. Commission payment                   

Partners may collect the commission generated on the basis of the service contract signed with Ayura Herbal Kft and in compliance with the legislation in force in Hungary, within the framework of a sol proprietorship or a partnership with the proper scope of activity and complying with the legislation of the country concerned. 

Ways of generation and amount of the commission: 


Based on the distribution data of the moth concerned, Ayura Herbal Kft. makes a commissions statement for every Partner eligible for commission payment. The statement sent out to Partners is for their information. If a Partner disagrees with the contents of the statement, they can notify Ayura Herbal Kft. of this within 5 days after receiving it. After the expiration of this deadline, Partner may lodge no complaints. Commission payment is outlined in detailed below. 

After closing the business year of Ayura Herbal Kft. there is no opportunity for commission payment retroactively, with reference to the business year closed. The commission generated based on performance in December shall be paid out up to 31 January of the next year. 

Conditions of commission payment: 

  1.     o the purchase of 2 Ayura Herbal drinks per month by Partner (this is the condition of staying the network, which is referred to as activity) 
  2.     o the signing of a service contract between a sole proprietorship or partnership with the propert scope of activity and complying with the legislation of the country concerned and Ayura Herbal Kft.
  3.     o the issuing of an invoice by the company with the amount of the commission due to be paid out 

There are two ways offered by Ayura Herbal Kft. to Partners for using their commission: 

A.) they can be paid the commission against an invoice  

  •          · · · 
  •          · · · Partner may collect their commission by the above date, i.e. the 31st day of the first month after the year concerned  

B.)  Using a bonus:  

Partner may decide to use the commission in the form of a bonus to be used for purchase. 

  •          · · · The value of the bonus shall equal 100% of the commission in question 
  •          · · · Partner 

Partner pays for the purchased and invoiced products using this bonus. If Partner buys goods in a higher value than the value of the bonus, Partner shall pay for the difference. Bonuses acquired in the reference year must be used by 31 December of that year with the exception of bonuses generated in December, which must be used by 31 January the next year.

4.  Promotion

AYURA HERBAL  Kft  does not encourage the stockpiling of products at Partners’, but it does not restrict product purchase, either. Partner is entitled to purchase from AYURA HERBAL Kft. products in a volume covering their personal and family needs and sufficient for implementing Partner’s business plans. 

If Partner violates the ban on stockpiling, products may be returned only on the conditions described in the chapter RETURN OF PRODUCTS. 

5. Ordering of products

Goods comprise the products distributed by the Company as well as what are referred to as partner support instruments like sales guides, promotion leaflets, forms, organisation guides, etc. In certain countries the types of goods, the method of purchase, ordering, delivery and goods complaints may differ: this depends on the legislation of the country concerned and the level of development of trade. If you intend to trade in another country, please ask your sponsor, your sponsor line manager or the Company directly for information. For all active Partners it is important to always have sufficient goods.

The Company’s goods are of outstanding quality, in order to preserve which Company reserves the right to control how Partner treats the products. On each product there is a manufacturer’s number and for the traceability of the product the sale of products is recorded, so it is easy to establish whom it was sold to and when.

Handling of products:

The products qualify as food products and although they are durable, they deteriorate after some time. Precisely comply with the storage conditions displayed on the packaging of the products, as this influences the products’ effectiveness and durability. Partner shall inform their buyers and partners of the storage conditions of the products. Sell the products in sufficient time before the expiration date of the goods making sure that they can still be used before expiration. Warn buyers of the expiration date and the required storage conditions. The packaging and labelling of the products comply with the strict legislative conditions governing food packaging, so do not damage the packaging of the products or do not remove the labels! The sale of products with damaged packaging or without label shall be prohibited. Since the regulations on the distribution, packaging and labelling of food products differ country by country, in each country only products with labels in the language and with the content approved by Company shall be permitted for sale. Company strictly protects the good reputation of the products, considering which non-compliance with the above qualifies as a serious violation of the contract and Company excludes liability for such partner behaviour.

Purchase of goods:

Only parties entering into a partner contract may directly order goods from Company. Products are sold with an invoice, so for each purchase customer is required to enter their name and address.

Order of goods:

Goods can be ordered online via the Company’s official website or by filling in a paper-based order form and submitting it at the Company’s office. Company accepts only properly filled in orders on order forms valid in the country concerned, and orders can be made for complete packaging units only, based on the valid price list.

You can order products on your behalf and to your account only. You can at the same time arrange your partners’ paper-based orders if they give you their signed order forms. Please enter only one recipient address on the order form. Company delivers the goods to the address put on the order form, so we recommend that you only enter someone else’s address on the form only if that person has already paid you for the goods. Company shall bear no liability for any damage arising from this. Company does not deliver the goods to P.O.Boxes or poste restante.

Performance of orders:

Company strives for delivering all the goods you ordered without delay. It may be the case that we do not have the product ordered on stock. In such cases our colleagues will contact you and discuss with you if your order should be kept in its original version and the missing products be delivered as soon as they have arrived on stock or you should make a new order. Any potential excess payment shall be transferred back to you by Company at the time of the next payment.

Company reserves the right not to perform orders submitted on incompletely filled in order forms or deliver goods in the amounts paid for.

Methods of payment:

Before the order is performed, the price of the goods must be paid for by bank transfer, either via the Company’s official website or in other usual ways. If Company performs an order without payment nevertheless (in the case of cash on delivery payment) but the customer fails to collect the products and the delivery service returns the goods to AYURA HERBAL Kft., Company will not perform new orders to Partner until Partner has settled the expenses arising from handling and delivering the order as well as the outstanding debts with the late payment interests incurred to Company.

Goods delivery:

After the payment for the goods, Company shall deliver the goods in the most efficient and cost efficient way. The goods can also be ordered directly to the Customer’s/Partner’s address.

If Partner forwards the products purchased from Company to Partner’s customer or partner, Partner shall bear the liability until the recipient has collected the goods. Before forwarding the product make sure that the packaging of the product is intact and there is a label on it, and check the expiry date. You are entitled to include in the product price the postal charges as well.

Handover/collection of goods:

When the price of the goods has been paid for, the goods are transferred to your ownership by the handover/collection, by which liability is also transferred on you.

We recommend that, when collecting the goods, check if the packaging is intact, check the expiration date and the amount, and sign the acknowledgement of receipt only after this. In case you experience any irregularities, notify Company immediately.

Damaged goods:

If you receive the goods in a damaged state, record the damage in the damage register before collecting the products, ask the courier for a copy, and collect the goods only after that. Without a damage register, Company is unable to refund you for the damaged goods. Notify Company of the damage in the delivery within 2 work days after delivery! Company will exchange the damaged goods and lodge a complaint with the courier company. Please keep the damaged consignment until a potential control.

If you decide not to collect the goods, notify Company of this with no delay.

Defective or lost deliveries:

If the delivery you receive contains only a part of the goods you ordered, check what is stated in the bill of delivery; if what is stated in the bill of delivery corresponds with the type and amount of the goods delivered, the rest of the goods is to be delivered later. If you do not receive the rest of the goods within 2 days following the first delivery, notify Company with no delay. If you do not receive the goods ordered within 10 days after placing your order, notify Company immediately.

If you fail to report the loss of the delivery within 30 days of confirming your order, Company shall considered your order performed. We similarly consider your order performed if you fail to report a damaged delivery within 2 days.

When transferring the goods to your customers, please take due care and consider the Company’s interests. We recommend that you never sell goods on credit.

Returns and complaints

Company offers a warranty for their products; by entering into contract, Partner commits to comply with this.

Reasons for goods return:

A) A new Partner contract is terminated within 8 days.

B) A Partner contract is ultimately terminated.

C) In the case of justified dissatisfaction with the products.

A) After entering into a new Partner contract there is a deadline of 8 days to refrain from the contract and return the products in the unopened packaging. If a new Partner decides by this deadline to terminate the contract and returns the goods, their sponsor shall take back the goods charging an administration fee provided that:

- the storage conditions of the product have been complied with,

- the packaging and the label are intact,

- the goods are in a clean and marketable condition.

B) If you decide to terminate your partner activity after the expiration of the 8-day deadline and you still have unsold goods that comply with the above conditions as well as with the following:

- the goods were purchased within 60 days prior to their return;

- less than half of the expiration time has passed,

Company will take back the goods.

At the same time, the following will be deducted from the purchase price:

- all the bonuses and benefits granted along the sponsor’s line in relation to the original sale.

- 15% of the original purchase price,

- postal charges.

C) When customer is justifiably dissatisfied with the quality of the product, Partner shall, in compliance with the contract, take all the necessary measures for the complaint to be arranged. Ensuring warranty, taking back the goods and refunding customer shall all be Partner’s responsibility. Customer complaint shall be arranged in line with the customer protection regulations of the country concerned. Company, too, shall be notified of customer complaints. Please send back the returned goods to Company briefly outlining the reasons for complaint, and Company will exchange the product. Only justifiably complained goods must be taken back; please make sure beforehand if the product was properly handled and that the product has not expired yet. If the complaint is not justified and you have given all due information to the buyer, do not accept the complaint. Company investigates into all complaints and if it is revealed that a complaint lacks grounds, Company rejects the complaint. In this case the goods received in return shall be paid for by buyer. 

6. Partners:

Partners may be natural persons of age, sole proprietorships or partnerships. If Partner is a natural person and claims commission, Partner can invoice this to Ayura Herbal Kft. through the business s/he represents (a sole proprietorship or partnership).

The condition of invoicing and commission payment is that the business and Ayura Herbal Kft. sign a service contract with each other. If there are any changes in the data of the business represented by Partner or in Partner’s personal data, Partner shall notify Ayura Herbal Kft of the changes with no delay. Ayura Herbal Kft. shall not be liable for any undue transfer, payment, etc. arising from the failure notify Partner. Ayura Herbal Kft. is entitled to terminate the contract with reference to the violation of notification obligation.

Partner’s rights:

Partner is entitled to

- act as Company’s independent partner;

- purchase the products distributed by Company and resell it to their customers;

- enjoy the partner benefits granted by Company.

- disseminate business opportunities at Company and arrange new partners in the trade network operated by Company.

- in a management position, put forward their business partners’ righteous claims.

- receive earnings.

- be informed about changes in the Company’s regulations and receive all information required for pursuing the business activity in time.

- be supported by Company and by his/her Sponsor.

- withdraw from his/her Partner contract.

Partner’s obligations:

Partner shall

- engage in a business conduct in compliance with Company’s interests.

- protect the good reputation of Company and their products and comply with Company’s rules and business system.

- present and sell the products in unopened and intact packaging and in due time before the date of expiration.

- provide all necessary information about a product to customers.

- keep all obligatory sales prices set by Company.

- grant only the benefits permitted and prescribed by Company.

- duly inform new partners of Company’s rules and business conditions.

- forward any information received by Company to partners along the sponsor line with no delay or changes.

- meet their business partners’ righteous financial claims.

- provide sponsor’s support to business partners.

- comply with the legal provisions of the country of partner’s activity, in accordance with the general business ethics.

- report to Company if any of the partners violates Company’s contracts or engages in unethical behaviour.

- store and handle Company’s products based on Company’s orders in a way avoiding any negative impact on product quality.

- comply with Company’s marketing policy.

- comply with all legislative and authority provisions applicable to business operation and to partner’s activity at the place of partner’s activity.

- in their marketing activity refrain from any unfair trade practices.

- be liable for their own business decisions and expenses and shall not blame Company for any potential loss, expenditure or commitments.

Prohibited conduct:

It is prohibited to

- act and make decisions on behalf of Company.

- disseminate false information on the products and business opportunities offered by Company, deceive customers and future business partners and to engage in other unsound business conduct.

- sell Company’s products in an opened condition, in damaged packaging or after the expiration date.

- increase prices or grant discounts other than the prescribed ones.

- communicate false information to Company.

- enter into several partner contracts with Company, misusing their advantages.

- launch an advertisement campaign without Company’s permission or publish information on Company, Company’s products or business opportunities.

- engage in any conduct damaging the reputation of or misrepresent Company, Company’s management, employees, Partners or the products distributed by Company.

- disseminate defamatory information on Company or Company’s management, employees, Partners or the products distributed by Company.

- Registered members shall not in any way advertise the business opportunities, products or services of any other MLM system among AYURA members or recruit AYURA members to any other MLM programme. The violation of this rule shall involve expulsion from the AYURA programme.

Relations between Partners:

Company regulates on relations between Partners within a certain framework only; there are direct relations between Partners only along the same sponsor line. Relations with other Partners shall be based on ethical behaviour and mutual loyalty.  

Ethical conduct:

Through their conduct, Partner shall not harm others by making unethical business offers or by bargaining.

Ethical conduct comprises, among others:

- Engaging new customers and partners by offering undue and untrue advantages.

- Engaging business partners from other Partners’ networks.

Disputes arising from competition for customers and sponsorship

There may arise disputes between Partners for customers and for sponsoring business partners. Customers have the right to buy the goods from any Partner. Partners have the right to acquire customers from other Partners by offering fair advantages like shorter deadlines, reliability, auxiliary services, personal impression. It is up to Customer to decide who to buy from.

Company does not investigate into the cases unless there is evidence of unethical conduct or contract violation. Every new buyer has the right to choose their sponsor and every Partner are free to apply for buyers.

Company does not deal with differences of interest arising from competition until unethical conduct occurs. If two Partners, irrespective of each other, sponsor the same interested person to Company, Company recognises the Partner under whose name the interested person sooner enters into contract as the sponsor.

Relationship along the sponsor line:

Sponsor line: the chain of direct Partners (Partners being under one another in the network structure) from the first sponsor to the Partner at the lowest level. This is the relationship of independent persons with equal rights governed by agreements signed between direct Partners.

Company does not allow changing sponsors. Exceptions to this are cases of unethical, inappropriate or contract violating conduct, when it is Company that has to solve the situation. In practice it is often impossible to find a sponsor qualified enough when compared to the knowledge of a new partner. If a sponsor’s knowledge is still lacking in building out successful business or in selling products, the new Partner may ask more experienced sponsors on the same sponsor line (who are thus interested in the new Partner’s success) for support and  the request must not be rejected. If s/he does not have sufficient information about his/her sponsor line, s/he may ask Company to introduce him/her to the members of his/her sponsor line. Company shall do its best to ensure that new associate members gain proficiency in successfully building the business as soon as possible, so Company holds a free online web-conference and a few online technical course every week.

If you do wish to change sponsors nevertheless, you have to withdraw from your contract and in 6 months time you can enter into a new contract with your new sponsor. By withdrawing from your contract you lose all the advantages already attained and have to start everything from the beginning.

For Partner to change to another sponsor line individually, Company’s prior approval is required. Partner shall submit a written application to Company together with the following: (1) Partner’s sponsor-change statement signed by his/her direct sponsor as well as five direct sponsor line members above the sponsor, and (2) the written statement of acceptance of the new sponsor.

In this case there is no six-month waiting time because both the old sponsor and sponsor line and the new sponsor, as well as the Company have given their consent to the change of sponsors.

In other cases of sponsor change the six-month period of suspended activity shall begin on the day when Company receives the letter on withdrawal. If in the six-month period there is any evidence for activity, Company may reject the approval of sponsorship under the new sponsor.

Change of sponsors in group: Changing sponsors in group means that a Partner switches to another sponsor together with some or all the members of his/her sponsored group. Such sponsor changes with a whole group are not allowed.

The partner’s licence and together with that, the position occupied in the network, is non-transferrable with the exception of inheritance and the Company’s exceptional permission.

In the case of the death of a Partner member, the business of Partner member can be inherited in compliance with the applicable legislation.

In case the business is inherited, based on the heir’s request Company may give permit to selling the business on grounds of fairness.

In case the business is sold, Company has pre-emption right of purchase.

Merging businesses shall not be allowed with the exception of inheritance.

Partner may enter in only a single Partner contract with Company.

Husband and wife Partners may register separately, too. A husband and wife may not be sponsored along different sponsor lines.

A Partner withdrawing from the contract may enter into a new Partner contract with Company only in six months’ time.

A person whose Partner contract was terminated because of his/her violation of the Partner contract shall not be allowed to become Partner again. 

7. Presentation of sales plan and marketing plan

In the course of their regular business activity, including but not exclusively speeches made on stage, Partner:

- shall not propagate religious, political and/or personal social opinions.

- shall not maintain that success depends on a certain faith.

- shall not recommend certain religious or spiritual writings or practices.

- shall not deliver a sermon.

- shall not exaggerate the attainable earnings with claims about extra earnings from other sources implying that these are the result of the business activity with Company.

- shall not propagate on stage or at any event business opportunities outside Company.

- shall not claim that success is attainable only if Partner applies a certain system in a certain manner.

Speeches at presentation shall be restricted directly to the business and business ethics.

Actual and implied statements about earnings shall realistically reflect the earnings attainable through the Ayura compensation plan.

Making false impressions shall be prohibited. When inviting potential clients, Partner shall, neither directly nor indirectly:

- make the impression that Company guarantees an employment opportunity,

- imply that the invitation is to a social event,

- pretend that the invitation is “market research”,

- propagate the event as “education”,

- propagate the business opportunity at Company as if it was a business relation with a person, company or organisation outside Company.

8. Partner support

Our Company, in accordance with its mission, wishes to ensure the best conditions for Partner’s activities. In addition to granting advantageous contracting conditions, simplifying administration to the greatest possible extent, transferring the complete and genuine information required for the business at the appropriate time it makes efforts to help Partner attain new customers and business partners as soon as possible. Company uses a range of instruments in order to facilitate this.

Partner support instruments:

Partner support instruments are the wide-scale totality of products, activities and services offered and provided by Company to its Partners.

These are primarily:

- advertising instruments

- sales aid

- training aid and programmes

- competitions and motivational programmes

- support of sponsoring activity

Partner shall only use advertising materials approved by Company for their activities. Without Company’s written permit, advertising in the media or elsewhere in the full glare of publicity shall be prohibited.

Company’s obligations:

- To disseminate products and opportunities exclusively via contracting Partners.

-To ensure equality between Partners.

- To notify about rejecting Partner contract in time.

- To perform orders in time.

- In the case of righteous complaints, to respond to the complaints.

- To pay the full amounts of earnings at set times.

- To inform about changes in contracting conditions in time.

-To ensure sponsor support.

- In the case of potential delay in the performance of orders, to inform about the expected performance date.

Company’s rights:

- To accept or reject Partner contracts.

- To unilaterally change contracting conditions.

- To introduce and terminate benefits and advantages.

- To check compliance with contract conditions.

- To terminate contract in case of violation.

- To make changes in the Company’s goods stock, descriptions, the composition and prices of products and in  contracting conditions.

- To unilaterally terminate the contract and cooperation with Partner with immediate effect if Partner violates the provisions of the GTCC or the Business Rules or Partner’s obligations.

Company shall not:

- Give advantages to certain Partners over other Partners by violating the contracting conditions.

- Reject or delay performing Partner’s rights.

- Terminate Partner contracts without a reason.

9. Provisions for the website

For using the website, Partner shall, as a user, comply with all the conditions and rules listed and referred to hereunder or included in any other regulations published by AYURA HERBAL Kft.

AYURA HERBAL Kft. reserves the right to makes changes in or amendments or additions to, or delete parts from its website at any time, without prior notice. AYURA HERBAL Kft. may furthermore, in its own capacity, terminate its website without prior notice.

In order to use the services of the website, you have to apply for a specific user name and password, which you can do by filling in an application form (registration).


By registering on the website and agreeing to these GTCC, Partner consents to the management of his personal data entered during the registration by AYURA HERBAL Kft., in accordance with the Data Management Rules.

User shall not use their access for purposes endangering the safety of other persons’ data sheets, and shall not prevent others from using the website. Endangering the safety of the system or the network may result in police action or legal proceedings.

The contents of the website are protected by copyrights, trademarks, other ownership rights and laws, and are in the exclusive ownership of AYURA HERBAL Kft. The information or documents found on this website must not be copied, changed, re-published, mailed, downloaded, and you must not upload to or trade in any information or documents on the website without the written permission of AYURA HERBAL Kft. At the same time, subject to the conditions laid down herein, any page of the website may be downloaded on any personal computer and printed in one copy for your own, non-commercial use, for the purpose of getting to know, evaluating or purchasing the products of AYURA HERBAL Kft. on the condition that the marks with reference to copyright and trademark be retained in the copy downloaded and printed. The latter does not mean a permission at the same time to print, copy, distribute, forward, upload to another website, download, store, publish, change, use or amend the documents concerned with any commercial purposes.

The word AYURA and the Domain-names are all the trademarks of AYURA HERBAL Kft., which have been registered by AYURA HERBAL Kft. Unless otherwise provided, the graphics and texts shall be in the exclusive ownership of AYURA HERBAL Kft. and shall thus not be copied, distributed or displayed except with the special prior written permit of AYURA HERBAL Kft.

The official website of AYURA HERBAL Kft. may contain links to other pages. AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall not be liable for any advertisement linked to the website or for the use, operation, contents of other websites related to AYURA HERBAL Kft.’s website through links or for the data protection systems related to or the products and services available through those websites.

AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall not be liable for any place on the web related to its official website or any part of it through a link. AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall not be liable furthermore for any place on the web that might contain any part of AYURA HERBAL Kft.’s official website inserted.

Even though this website is accessible from anywhere in the world, the legislations of certain countries may prohibit visiting AYURA HERBAL Kft.’s website or selling the products distributed by the Company. In compliance with the territorially governing legislation AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall bear no liability for the consequences of using its website and the services provided in areas outside the European Union. People who access the website by violating the territorially applicable legislation shall do so at their own responsibility. Any offers with reference to services or goods published on the website are invalid in countries where these are prohibited by the law.

AYURA HERBAL Kft. is, in its exclusive competence, entitled to restrict access to the website without prior notice.

You shall bear exclusive liability for the safety of your password and for any claim, action or failure to act made by using your registered user name and password. Therefore you must take measures in order to prevent others from accessing your registered user name or password. The employees of AYURA HERBAL Kft. will not ask for your password.

Contracting parties declare and accept it as binding for themselves that User’s statements made by “clicking” on the official website of AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall qualify as valid contractual statements as if they were written statements.

The documents produced on the official website of AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall qualify as written documents.

The documents produced on the official website of AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall qualify as written documents.

AYURA HERBAL Kft. shall not warrant that its official website, the visit to its official website or the information, material and services accessible there are free of disturbances, program errors, flaws or other defects. AYURA HERBAL Kft. excludes any liability for damage caused to the computer system of visitors to the website, including among others the loss of archived data or damage caused by computer viruses.

AYURA HERBAL Kft. reserves the right to make corrections in false or imprecise information published on its website and bears no liability for any loss actually or allegedly arising from such mistakes unless the mistake arises from the intentional non-performance of an obligation by AYURA HERBAL Kft. The contents of the website of AYURA HERBAL Kft. may be amended without prior notice.


Ayura Herbal Kft. shall bear liability only for information found on their own official website!

10. Proceedings and sanctions related to contract violation

If Company believes that Company’s rules have been or will be violated or expects their violation by Partner, Company may investigate into the activities of the Partner concerned. Company may initiate the investigation itself or perform it at the request of another Partner who has submitted a written complaint to Company. The rules of the disciplinary proceedings related to Partner’s contract violation as well as the applicable sanctions are laid down in the Company’s Disciplinary Regulations. The contract violating Partner shall give up any demand or claim arising as a consequence of the punishment established in the disciplinary proceedings and accept the punishment established in the Company’s disciplinary action as binding on them.