Health – Freedom – A Happier Life!


Ayura Herbal Kft. was established in 2012 with the aim to make Far-Eastern high-quality Ayurvedic products serving human health accessible in Europe.

Probably all of us agree that high quality diet is essential for our well-being and the preservation of our health. At the same time, perfect food free of chemicals, additives and contamination is almost non-existent or hardly accessible, considering which supplementing our diet has become a daily necessity in order to keep our health in balance.

Ayura Herbal Kft. offers products made of special herbs in developing which it kept in view, in addition to the several thousand years’ experience and comprehensive expertise, the strengthening of the immune system.

“Eastern wise men” discovered a long time ago that there were special herbs the regular use of which enabled them to live a long and healthy life. We would like to ensure that, in addition to the excellent metabolic effects of these herbs, their consumption would be an experience and pleasure, too.

In addition, we give the opportunity to anyone to share with us, as a cooperating partner, not only health but success as well! The excellent quality products, the satisfaction of our business partners and consumers, the marketing support and active help provided by our Company give you the opportunity to change your lifestyle and create high quality life. Life is too short to treat it badly or to leave opportunities unexploited!

It’s time to re-evaluate your life and the lives of your fellow people and reconsider how special and unique it is. Let’s act jointly: accompany us on the enjoyable path of lifestyle change.

Let it be beneficial to your health and useful for yourself at the same time!

We have considerable experience in the production of health support and immune system stimulating juices. The fermented drinks are manufactured from pro- and prebiotic bacteria and from extracts of South East Asian fruits and herbs.

Our product is thus an excellent quality product manufactured by double fermentation: a new, innovative, immune system stimulating and health preserving Herbal Juice, with the synergic effects of excellent quality pro- and prebiotics, fruits and herbs.

Our products may be of great help in cleansing the entire intestinal system and thereby help the more efficient absorption of nutrients.

The creator of the Herbal Juices distributed by our Company is Professor Permpong Sriprasertsak, who has spent 40 years in research in the field of microbiology in East Asia, in which he has attained excellent results. He currently teaches at one of the most renowned universities in the world, at Kasetsart Univeristy.